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LG ElectronicsLG Mouse ScannerThe LSM-100 LG mouse scanner is the worlds’ first scanner mouse. The device has been designed to make your scanning quick , simple and smart. The mouse can even recognise text on a page of a newspaper and allow you to import this text into a Word document to edit.

How does the LG Mouse Scanner work?

The mouse scanner works through the aid of highly sophisticated software, using a vision algorithm to capture the images/text as you scan. Underneath the mouse is a laser to capture the image and a light to illuminate it. To activate the scan feature you click the button on the side of the mouse and it will begin scanning. As soon as you’re finished scanning, click the scan button again. The LG Mouse Scanner will then display on your screen what the device has captured. Once loaded the included software on your computer will allow you to “crop” the image and select whatever portion you want.

On the computer using the mouse, you can rotate this resultant image into any angle you like. To finish click the onscreen tick box to accept the scan and edit. The LG mouse scanner also allows you to import your scan into a Word document. The image can be dragged and dropped in very quickly. LGs’ software designers have incorporated support for social networking users can share their scanned images at the click of a button on networks like flickr, twitter, email or even post to their Facebook account.

LG Mouse Scanner can recognise text

Another great feature with the LG scanner mouse is that you’re able to scan a printed document through Character Recognition technology (OCR) it is able to recognise the letters and render them into a word document. You can then alter the size, change the font, change the colour and edit or add more text if you wish. The LG mouse scanner has simplified scanning to two clicks of a mouse. The portable nature of the mouse means you can document almost anything that’s written on paper or printed. Easily scan photos, library books, posters, written notes or anything you can imagine, store them quickly and easily for editing or uses later.

Mouse scanner LSM-100At the moment the mouse is compatible only with Windows computers. Read our review of the LSM-100 here.  The key advantages of smart scanning technology is the speed that the device operates at. Text recognition is not a new technology but incorporating this into a mouse device coupled with well designed software for the import of images and text means this scanner is one of the stand out new products of 2011/2012.

This promotional video details some of the key capabilities of the LSM-100 LG mouse scanner.

This product is in high demand as it such a time saver, If you want buy the mouse online then we recommend Amazon UK. To save you time shopping we have displayed all the UK stores where you can order the LG mouse. If you have any questions let us know on our contact page.
Here is the mouse being demoed at CES 2011 a trade show for new technology.

Please forgive the poor sound quality, it should give you an idea of how the LG Mouse Scanner works and how easy it is to use.

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