About Us

meMy name is Jenson DeLemans and I setup this site. I am a big technology fan and I love to write about new and exciting products hitting the market. I put this site together to collate all the information written about the LG Scanner Mouse. If you own one and would like us to post your own review on LG’s innovative product please do get in touch. If you have a question about the mouse or about something we have covered please use the contact page to message us.

Some of you visiting will already know a great deal about scanners and imaging technology, you may find what I have written on this site a little basic. If this is the case, please forgive me. The idea of this and my other sites is to highlight great products and explain simply how they function in the real world.

If you would like to contribute a technology review or piece of writing of your own. I would absolutely love to post it online for others to read either on this website or one of my other tech related sites. To submit you can just use the contact us page and I will endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours.

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