Review of LG Mouse Scanner

Mouse Scanner - Scanning mouse>We have tried and tested the Smart Scan LSM-100 mouse scanner for the last month and have to report that it is a splendid product. It works similarly to a laser mouse but if you look underneath you’ll see a light and camera which capture the images scanned from your mouse movement. The mouse itself feels quite large under your hand but it works very well and isn’t cumbersome, you soon get used to it. It plugs via a USB 2.0 lead to your computer, it isn’t wireless which would be nice but I suppose you have to be near a computer to scan your image anyway so not a big deal for me. I am able to scan images up A3 size and import quickly to my computer. I was able to quickly scan in a large number of family photographs into my computer very speedily and easily. The quality is great and it saves a lot of time compared to the standalone flatbed scanners. This is because traditional scanners will scan the whole a4/a3 size of the scan area, after importing it will then crop the image for you, helpful but so slow. With the LG scanner mouse the smaller the document the quicker your scan is done, very useful if your company does a lot of scanning.

mouse scannerThe LSM-100 mouse scanner is very simple to use and could be used by all members of the family at home. It is perfect for the office and users will save many an hour scanning with this device. In my opinion the best part of the product is its ability to record text on a page it scans. It uses something call Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which put simply is software with the ability to recognise shapes of text characters.

LG Mouse Scanner Features

  • 3 buttons for normal mouse use + 2 buttons for scanning.
  • High quality capability – 300dpi colour scanning.
  • Drag & drop feature for  importing scanned documents in MS Office
  • Installation software CD
  • Instruction book
  • Scan any size document /image up to A3
  • 1.5 metre usb 2.0 lead connection.

Mouse Scanner Positives

It works, just as the promo video shows. It saves a huge amount of time (no more plugging in the dusty old scanner). A3 scanning. Click of a mouse scanning and editing, easy to use too.


The LG Mouse scanner is not compatible with Mac computers. At the moment it looks like a PC only product which is disappointing for the designers out there, the compatible software is listed as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Secondly its not a wireless mouse a minor point this but as most devices are nowadays you wonder if the next device will be. Then again why does it need to be wireless, will it stop some users from scanning things which can’t be carried to their computer.


The LG Mouse scanner is a first of its kind product, a superb time saving device and a smart innovation from LG. If you read the reviews on sites like Amazon you will find it has rated very highly by users. This mouse scanner will last you for years and save you countless hours.


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